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Chocolate "DIRT" Moon Sand

In this BLOG post I will share the recipe for Chocolate Moon Sand, storage tips and safety tips.

We are big fans of moon sand over here. It’s soft. It’s squishy. It’s moldable. It’s build-able & scoop-able & you can add any trinkets you want to enhance your play!

Trucks & diggers…Bugs...Dino’s…princess friends…gems…scoops & bowls…literally anything!!!

You can play with it inside on a rainy day or take it outdoors to enjoy the fresh air! If you do take it outdoors, be sure to sweep up any spills to avoid attracting any critters!


  • 2 cups Flour

  • 1/4-1/2 cup Vegetable or coconut oil

  • 1/4 cup Cocoa Powder

  • Sensory tray or bowl

  • Spoon

Pour all of the ingredients into a sensory tray or bowl. Mix well. I like to go in with my hands to make sure that everything is really incorporated in. The consistency should be soft, but firm. You should be able to make a ball with the mixture, but also crumble it up.

If it is too crumbly, add a bit more oil.

If it is too wet, add a bit more flour.

When you are happy with the consistency of the moon sand, dump it into a bowl or sensory tray. You can add in scoops, bowls, mini shovels...anything you want! You can also just go in & explore with your hands which is equally as fun!

Here, we added plastic bugs and called it "dirt."

Not only are the children strengthening fine motor skills and receiving all of the benefits of sensory play, but they also have opportunities to:

  • Identify the name of the insects.

  • Compare and contrast characteristics like color, number of legs, wings versus no wings, etc.

  • Make patterns, sort insects or practice counting.

Storage tips:

This Moon Sand will last up to 3 weeks if stored in an air-tight container. If you find it is drying out & becoming too crumbly, add in a few more drops of oil & knead it back in.


There is a difference between taste safe and edible. This recipe is not meant for consumption but it is safe if your child is still exploring with their mouth’s & tries it.

In order for this to be taste safe, you must bake the flour in a sheet pan at 350° for 10-15 minutes. This kills any bacteria that may be found on the flour.

❄️❄️Our favorite hack: Pop this in the freezer for 30 minutes or so & it will be cold & chilly just like real snow!


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