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  • Gina

Coffee Filter Earth Day Craft

This craft is simple, cost effective & beautifully unique each & every time!! The best part is, it can be used with a variety of age groups; it can be as intricate or simplistic as you want it to be!

  • Coffee filter (I get a package from the dollar store for crafting)

  • Blue & green washable marker

  • Squirt bottle with water

  • Tray or paper for underneath

First, put all of your materials on a tray or on scrap paper.

Next, use the blue & green markers to color the coffee filter. You can make a design, you can create parts of the Earth or you can just scribble & create away.

Once it is colored in, use the bottle to spray water over the coffee filter. This is AMAZING fine motor work, it strengthens those tiny finger muscles as they squirt! The color will start to bleed together, swirling the colors into each other. You will want to protect your surface during this time, using either a tray or scrap paper!

You will want to leave the Earth crafts to dry, which typically takes 30 minutes to an hour. If you lay them out in the sun they'll dry even faster!! When they're dry, hang them in the window, on the wall or write a note on them & share with a friend!

They are beautiful, unique & are a great way to discuss topics like Earth Day for younger learners.


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