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  • Gina

Decorate the Tree

Not only will you strengthen fine motor skills with this activity, but you will expose kids to color identification, pattern recognition, counting & SO much more!


  • Play dough

  • Pipe cleaners

  • Pony Beads

How To:

1. Place a ball of dough on a tray. Take 3 pipe cleaners and twist them together to make one stem. Stick that stem into the playdough so that it stands.

2. Take another pipe cleaner and twist it around the stem to make branches. Do this again with 2-4 more pipe cleaners.

3. Put out a bowl of pony beads and have fun! They can decorate the tree, make patterns, put them on and take them off...truly anything they want!

This is SO simple but SO very impactful. It strengthens fine motor skills & exposes kids to color names, patterning & counting opportunities. It also works on hand-eye coordination, visual/spatial skills, problem solving and more!

*Pony beads are a choking hazard. Always monitor children during use and never leave unattended if they are still exploring with their mouths.


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