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Fine Motor Grabber Game

Our Grabber Game is perfect for learning, motor skills & play! In this BLOG post I will teach you what it is, how to set up the game & the benefits of playing it.

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XO Gina


This game couldn't be more fun. It is simple to set-up & it works on a TON of skills!

Also, these grabbers are the CUTEST & can be re-used over & over! My kids even like using the to eat their snacks!!

How- to: 

  1. Dump out Pom Poms onto the floor or sensory tray.

  2. Use the mini-grabbers to pick them up.

There are SO many ways to play this game. Here are a few of our favorites.

  1. Assign each person a color. Have them only pick up their assigned color, placing them in a bowl as they grab them.

  2. Set a 30 second timer. Grab as many Pom Poms as you can before the timer goes out.

  3. Just PLAY. Put out the materials and see what they do. There doesn't have to be a specific activity or game attached for children to benefit from it!

  4. Call out a sequence of colors: pink, yellow, green. Then have the child recall what you said and pick up those Pom Poms in order.

  5. Call out a pattern & have the child complete the pattern by picking up the Pom Pom that would come next!

What are the benefits? 

  • Hands-on learning activities provide children with an opportunity to make connections to what they are learning.

  • As they pick up the Pom Poms, they are strengthening both fine & gross motor skills.

  • Children will be practicing hand-eye-coordination.

  • Activities like this also promote focus, attention & time-on-task.

  • You can work on sorting, patterning or counting skills as you play!

  • If playing with siblings or friends, children will also have opportunities to work on social skills such as sharing, turn-taking & sportsmanship.

  • The language & vocabulary opportunities are ENDLESS!

LOOK at those fingers GO!!! Those same movements are going to support your child when they are writing, drawing or feeding themselves. Working their sweet fingers and hands is SO important!!

What are fine & gross motor skills:

Fine Motor Skills strengthen the small muscles in the fingers, arms, and wrists. Gross Motor Skills strengthen the big muscles in arms, legs, and core. Working on both of these skills promotes healthy growth and development for your child.

What is hand-eye-coordination?

Hand-eye coordination is simultaneously using your hands & your eyes for a task. Strong hand-eye coordination helps you with tasks such as feeding yourself, coloring in the lines & pouring a drink in a cup.

Pom Poms can be a choking hazard. Always monitor young children during use. You get to decide what is safe and manageable in your home.

Check it out in action:


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