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Fizzy Egg Surprise!

Fizzy Fun is engaging & magical, no matter how many times you try it! This is our festive twist for Easter!

Is there anything better than seeing a child's face light up while doing an activity? This is a magical one!!

It combines science with fine motor skills and sprinkles in some color mixing, problem solving & cause and effect!!


  • Sensory bin, muffin tin or tray

  • Plastic eggs (we get them from the Dollar Store & reuse year after year)

  • Baking Soda

  • White vinegar

  • Food coloring (optional)

  • Squirt bottle, medicine dropper or pipette

  • Egg carton of ice cube tray

How To:

  • Place one half of the egg in an ice cube tray or egg carton or muffin tin.

  • Fill with baking soda.

  • In a cup or squirt bottle, mix half white vinegar and half water.

  • Squirt, squeeze or spray the mixture into the baking soda to make it bubble & fizz!

Want to make it colorful? Fill the egg halfway with baking soda. Add a few squirts of food coloring, then cover to the top with more baking soda. As they squirt the vinegar mixture on, the magical colors will appear!

This is a fun way to work on color identification & color mixing. It also is a great way to add in new language & vocabulary opportunities!

Want to make it extra fizzy and extra fun?!

On the very bottom of the egg, add one drop of dish soap.

Fill with baking soda & food coloring as usual.

When the vinegar mixture comes in contact with it, it makes it bubble & fizz & foam super big!!! This is a fun one to do outdoors on a warm day!

Happy playing! Xo


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