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  • Gina

Flower Painting Process Art

If you have a bouquet of flowers that are starting to wilt, try this before you toss them!! It is the cutest way to reuse your flowers & create something beautiful & unique!

Materials needed:

  • Wilted flowers

  • Paint (use whatever you have!)

  • Construction paper

Place your flowers on a tray or in a bowl. Each one will make a different mark when you use it, which is so fun to see!! You can dip them in paint & stamp around the paper or use the flower the same way you would a paintbrush!

We have done this with Crayola washable paint & acrylic paint. Both work great; we have found that the acrylic paint dries out faster, so we only squirt out a little at a time & replenish as we need it!

Watercolor paints do not work as well for this activity, but they do work great for leaf stamping!!

The process of dipping & stamping & smooshing the flowers & paint around is perfect for kids of all ages. It also helps to strengthen fine motor skills as they create, which is an added bonus!

When they're done, hang them up, fold them into a card or gift them to a friend!


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