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  • Gina

Frozen Treasures for the Win!


  • Alphabet letters

  • Muffin tin or silicone mold

  • Water

  • Medicine dropper, cups, mallets etc.

How To:

  1. Drop the letters into the muffin tin or mold & fill with water. Freeze for a few hours, until solid.

  2. Pop out the frozen treasures and place them in a shallow bowl, tray or outside on the grass/pavement.

  3. Use droppers, pipettes or a wooden mallet to rescue the letters from the ice.

  4. When you're done, freeze them again for next time!

This is SO easy to set-up & so engaging for kids. It's also a great one to differentiate for different age groups, based on the skills that they are working on.

We LOVE learning this way because it is hands-on, sensory driven & strengthens so many skills. While they are playing, they are being exposed to letter names, letter shapes, colors, textures and more. You can incorporate beginning sounds, word building, sorting, patterning & counting, all through play!


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