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  • Gina

Heart Sun Catcher Wings

Sun Catchers are so very magical & these heart wings have brought us so much joy!


  • Cardboard

  • Pencil

  • Clear packing tape

  • Cellophane paper (NOT tissue paper) - we buy a variety pack on Amazon.

  • X-acto knife or sharp scissors

  • String

How To:

  1. Use a pencil & draw the heart shape on a large piece of cardboard. I based the size off of her height.

  2. Inside of the heart, draw a bunch of smaller hearts.

  3. Cut out the outer & inner using the X-acto knife or scissors.

  4. Cut pieces of cellophane paper and tape to the back. This doesn’t have to be neat or exact, just cover all open spaces & tape down edges.

To make them into wings:

  • Cut two equal pieces of string. I start long & then cut them down.

  • Tape one end of the string to the left of the center (top).

  • Tape one end of the second piece of string to the right of the center (top).

  • You are going to tape the ends to the bottom of the wings. This will create two loops that they can slip their arms through like a backpack.

  • You can either cut the strings before you tape them, or loop/tie them tighter once they are on! This is usually what I do because it creates a perfect fit.

Then, go chase the sun! Depending on where the sun is and the time of day, the shadows will be longer/shorter/brighter!


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