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Instead of Water Balloons, Try THIS!!

We love water sponges because they are multi-purposeful, easy to sanitize & can be used in SO many ways!

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XO Gina

We used water sponges every year at field day! Grab a pack of sponges next time you’re at the Dollar Store!! They’re reusable, easy to make & cost effective!

I know there are reusable water balloons now & we love those too! The sponge version is great for sensory play, for water games & for strengthening fine motor skills!

These are NOT one time use! Squeeze out the water and let them dry or sanitize them in the dishwasher! Then, use them over and over again for learning and play!


  • 2 clean & dry sponges

  • String

  • Scissors

How- to: 

  1. Cut each sponge in four vertical strips.

  2. Put all eight pieces in a pile and squeeze them together in the center.

  3. Cut a strip of string & tie the sponges together in the center. Tie a few knots so they stay secured.

  4. Submerge in water & play!

What are the benefits?

  • Water sponges are cost effective and reusable. Throw them in the dishwasher to sanitize when necessary.

  • Water sponges are great for strengthening fine motor skills. As you squeeze and squish the water out, you are working your fingers and hands, which will support you when you in your writing journey.

  • Water sponges don't leave behind the small plastic pieces like water balloons do.

  • Water sponges can be used for many different activities, not just water play!

What can you use them for?

  • Water play! Place them in a sensory tray or bucket with water. That's it! It can really be that simple!

  • Have a race: put two buckets 10-12 feet away from each other. Place water in one bucket and keep the other one empty. Soak the sponge in the water bucket and run to the other bucket and squeeze it out. Continue until all of the water is transferred or make it a race with a partner!

  • Squirt a few drops of paint on a sensory tray or plate. Dip the sponges in & stamp on paper!

  • Write an academic skill on the pavement with sidewalk chalk: letters, numbers, shapes or words. Call one out & have the child find it & throw a water sponge at it!

  • Set up a "car wash." Grab a few plastic trucks or cars & use the water sponges to clean them!

  • Set up a "muddy" animal's activity. Make Oobleck (see post HERE) in one bin & put water & a splash of soap in another bin. Put small plastic animals in the Oobleck. After you're done playing with them, clean the animals in with the water sponges.

Check them out in action:


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