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  • Gina

Marshmallow Tower

Building and problem-solving is even more interesting and fun when you're doing it with marshmallows!


  • Marshmallows (regular size is preferred, but minis could be a fun challenge!)

  • Craft sticks (I like to use large ones for this, but the regular size could work as well)

How To:

  • Present the materials to your kiddo(s)

  • Ask them to build the highest tower that they can! Be careful not to automatically tell them how to do it. Let them plan, let them try, and even let them fail! Then watch as they strategize and come up with a solution to their problem. The amazing part of STEM activities is the process!


  • If you have a kiddo that's struggling, build the bottom 1 or 2 layers for them, and let them continue on!

  • Using mini marshmallows and/or regular size craft sticks is a fun challenge! The smaller the materials, the more they focus on precision, and the more fine motor work it is.


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