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Nature Confetti

In this BLOG post I will share what nature confetti is, how to make it and the benefits of nature play.

Nature Play is...

  • Using natural materials in hands-on play.

  • Being outdoors and exploring.

  • Activating all five senses. 

  • Appreciating and caring for living things.

Nature Play teaches kids to explore the world around them and how to use that outdoor space to create and learn.

Playing outside gives kids an appreciation for nature. Dirt and grass become their play area, while sticks, flowers, leaves, and rocks become materials for play! They learn responsibility and to care for all living things.

Playing in fresh air is shown to improve mood, to reduce stress, to strengthen gross motor skills (balance, physical strength, running, jumping) and to increase attention and time on task.

Playing in nature activates all five senses. Kids are building their independence, self-awareness, and willingness to try new things. 

The benefits of Nature Play are truly endless!

Nature Glitter is gorgeous, eco-friendly, and just as festive as regular glitter!


  • Fallen leaves

  • Dried out flowers

  • Hole punch

How To: 

  • Collect fallen treasures outdoors: leaves, flowers, etc.  Be sure to take the leaves that have fallen to the ground.

  • Use your strong finger muscles to hole punch out shapes.

The leaves and cut-outs can be used in SO many ways!!

Ways to use the nature confetti:

  • Sprinkle this magical, natural glitter anywhere! Create a path or pile outdoors and observe what happens to it.

  • Use it to craft. Make a collage, a card or create a poster with the cut outs.

  • Make leaf stamps. Add a thin layer or watercolors or washable paint and stamp it on paper.

  • Add it to a bowl of water, throw in a scoop or two or you have nature soup to play with!

Not to mention, as they stamp and hole punch, they are strengthening their fine motor skills. Fine Motor Skills are important for life skills such as cutting, feeding yourself, drawing, writing, brushing teeth, zipping up a coat, tying shoes, and so much more!

Interested in these hole punches? Check them out HERE.

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