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New Year's Eve Fun for Kids

If you are looking for engaging, simple & playful activities to do with your kids or students this New Year's Eve, look no further! Scroll to the bottom for a FREE 2023 Year in Review Printable!

Head to our Instagram page to see more ways to learn & play at home or in the classroom! We love to see you play & share the joy of hands-on crafts & activities at home. Be sure to tag @aplayfilledlife on Instagram or Facebook if you try any of our ideas!!

XO Gina

Fine Motor Beading Activity:


  • 4 pipe cleaners

  • Pony beads


  • String beads onto each of the 4 pipe cleaners.  Twist the end into the last bead to secure them.

  • Twist the pipe cleaners into the numbers 2023.

  • This is such great fine motor work!

Extend your craft by creating patterns, then counting the number of beads on each number.

Don't want to make numbers? Thats ok! Make bracelets or key chains or just fun designs.

Firework Rings


  • 4-5 pipe cleaners


  • Put all the pipe cleaners into an even pile.  Fold them in half.

  • Twist the folded end into a loop the size of your finger.  Twist the pipe cleaners around a few times to secure.

  • Now that you have a ring shape, push the ends of the pipe cleaners down & bend them at the end to look like fireworks.

New Year's Eve Poppers


  • Balloon

  • Cellophane paper

  • Paper towel roll

  • Tape

  • Scissors


  • Cut a paper towel roll in half.

  • Tie the deflated balloon into a knot. Cut the bottom quarter of the balloon off.  

  • Pull the cut portion of the balloon onto the end of the paper towel.  Tape around the balloon to secure it.

  • Cut the cellophane into small pieces & stuff inside the popper.

  • Pull the bottom of the balloon, release it & watch the confetti fly!

Extend your play by trying this with pom poms or hole punched paper & see which flies the furthest!

New Year's Eve Fizzy FUN


  • Plastic cups (or bowls)

  • Baking soda

  • White vinegar

  • Water

  • Medicine dropper or pipette 

  • Cellophane paper 


  • Sprinkle a layer of baking soda in the bottom of your cup or bowl.  

  • Cut cellophane paper into small pieces & add into the cups.

  • In a separate bowl or cup, add half water & half white vinegar.

  • Fill your pipette with the vinegar/water mix & squirt it into the baking soda tray.  Watch as it bubbles & fizzes & colors mix together.

Extend your sensory play by exploring colors as well. Simply add food coloring to your vinegar/water mix!

Wishing Wands


  • Pony beads

  • Pipe cleaners


  • Take 1 pipe cleaner & form it into a star.

  • Take a second pipe cleaner & wrap it around the bottom center of the star, creating a wand.

  • Add beads on the wand.  Wrap the end around the last bead to keep it from falling off.

  • Once completed, go around & take turns sharing your wishes for 2023!

Extend your play by dipping the wands into bubbles & blowing them during your celebration!

Festive Salt Tray


  • Sensory tray or shallow bowl

  • Salt

  • Cellophane paper


  • Sprinkle a thin layer or salt into your tray or bowl.

  • Cut cellophane into small pieces & add in.

  • Use your finger or dry paintbrush to create in the tray!

Extend your learning by practicing writing letters, numbers, shapes, sight words, etc.

Sun Catcher Calm Down Bottle


  • Plastic bottle with a cap

  • Clear liquid glue

  • Cellophane

  • Warm water


  • Cut cellophane into small pieces & add in to the bottle.

  • Fill the bottle 3/4 of the way with warm water.

  • Fill the remainder of the bottle with clear liquid glue.

  • Put the cap on and tighten.

  • Shake well to incorporate.

  • Find a sunny spot, shake the bottle again & watch as the colors shift & fall & create a beautiful reflection!

*You can add hot glue around the cap before you tighten it to ensure it won't open.  After a few hours, the cellophane may alter the color of the water, which creates a new, fun effect!

FunFetti Sparkle Dough


  • 1 cup of flour

  • 1/4 cup of salt

  • 1 tablespoon vegetable or coconut oil

  • 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar

  • 1 cup of water

  • Cellophane paper


  • Pour all of the ingredients (except the cellophane paper) into the pan.

  • Stil slowly over medium heat until dough forms a ball.

  • Remove from heat, let cool & then knead well.

  • Cut the cellophane into small pieces. Mix into the dough & play!

Don't have cellophane? Substitute for glitter or play with the dough as is! Add in your favorite play dough tools & enjoy!

Sun Catcher Wishing Wands


  • Straw

  • Cellophane

  • Scissors

  • Tape


  • Cut a circle with a hole in the middle from the plate or cardboard.

  • Layer 4-6 pieces of cellophane paper on top of each other & fold in half.

  • Using scissors, cut the cellophane paper into strips, cutting from the open edge to the folded edge. Stop about 1/2 inch from the folded edge.

  • Take your straw & place it on the folded edge with the cut fringes facing up. Tape it to the straw, then slowly roll the straw around the cellophane. Tape again to secure.

  • Pull down the pieces and fluff them out a little, then your wishing wand is ready!

Extend your crafting by going outside & exploring the effects of cellophane in the sun!

Festive Noise Makers


  • Large craft sticks

  • Pipe cleaner

  • Small bells

  • Glue (Hot glue works best but liquid glue will also work)


  • Glue 4-6 bells onto a craft stick, depending on size.

  • Take 2-3 pipe cleaners & twist them around the craft stick. You can also add a drop of glue to hold these down permanently if you want!

  • Shake & sing & dance into the New Year!

*Use your judgement if using hot glue & small objects around children. Always monitor young children during activities for safety.

Fingerprint Craft


  • Construction paper

  • 2024 printable (download here)

  • Washable paint

  • Scissors

  • Tape


  • Print out the 2024 printable & cut out.

  • Tape it down to the construction paper. Roll the tape into a circle so that it is underneath the number.

  • Squirt out a few drops of paint. Dip your finger in it & fingerpaint on the paper & over the numbers.

  • Let dry & slowly peel off the numbers to reveal your beautiful, personalized New Years Craft!

Dinner Treat


  • Pizza dough

  • Sauce

  • Cheese

  • Pizza toppings

  • Baking dish


  • We use pre-made dough for this to keep it simple! Roll it out and form into the numbers 2024.

  • Add sauce, cheese & your favorite toppings of choice.

  • Bake in the oven according to baking instructions!

  • ENJOY!

Sun Catcher


  • Contact paper

  • Tissue paper or cellophane paper

  • Painter's tape

  • Sharpie marker


  • Cut a piece of contact paper. On the non-stick side, write the numbers 2024 (trick- you have to write them backwards!!)

  • Flip the contact paper over & peel off the backing, revealing the sticky side and the 2024.

  • Hang the contact paper up, sticky side out.

  • Use tissue paper or contact paper to follow the lines of the numbers and make your New Years Sun Catcher!

Vertical Play is amazing for kids. It works on balance, coordination & strengthening their core. It also allows them opportunities to practice crossing the midline, bilateral coordination & wrist placement. ALL of these skills will help them later on when they need to write, learn, feed themselves & play!

2024 Play Dough


  • Play dough

  • Loose parts (buttons, beads, gems, pom poms, etc)


  • Roll the play dough into 4 "snakes": long strips.

  • Use those 4 snakes to for the numbers 2 0 2 4.

  • Take your loose parts and push them into the dough, decorating each number!

This play dough activity is so simple but so effective. Not only does it offer a unique way to discuss the New Year, but it also sparks creativity & strengthens fine motor skills. While the child pushes & squeezes & pinches & rolls the dough, they are using the movements necessary to feed themselves, zipper their coat & hold a pencil! They are learning & strengthening & growing, all through sensory play!

Sparkle Dough

Click HERE for our play dough recipe. It is the BEST. It's soft & squishy & lasts up to 6 months if stored properly. To make it sparkly, add in your favorite glitter after it is cooked & knead well!

Play Dough is amazing for kids. Making the dough is an activity all in itself & works on measurement, following a recipe & also following directions. Once you make the dough you'll have opportunities to strengthen fine motor skills, practice language & vocabulary, life skills & more!

FREE Year in Review Sheet

Download this FREE Printable HERE!!!


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