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Pom Pom Sensory Play

Let's use everyday tools to strengthen those important finger, hand & wrist muscles! Not to mention, this has amazing self-regulation benefits! So calming, so fun, so effective!

Let's add fun, purposeful, playtime into our day! The more we provide opportunities to smoosh & squeeze & roll & dig & squish, the stronger those fine motor skills get. The stronger they get, the more ready they will be way down the road when they need to zipper their coat, feed themselves or hold a pencil!


  • Large bowl or tray

  • Water

  • Pom Poms

  • Fruit juicer

How to:

  • Fill the bowl or tray with Pom Poms, then cover with water.

  • Open the juicer, grab the pom poms, squish them in & then squeezeeeeeeee!

This is SO good for strengthening those finger & hand muscles. It also helps work on wrist stabilization, shoulder & core strength & balance!

They may let their imagination run wild, turning this into pretend soup, potion or smoothies!

Don't want to use Pom Poms? Totally understand...

Make it a practical life -skill by squeezing fresh oranges, lemons or limes. Make homemade orange juice together or have them be in charge of squeezing lemon in your water or on your fish!

Want to extend your learning:

  • Call out one color at a time & have them search, fill & squeeze.

  • Call out a number & have them count that many out before putting them in the juicer.

  • Make patterns with the Pom Poms or sort them by color.

  • Add in a plastic cup or bowl. Have them squeeze out the Pom Poms into it until it is full.


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