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Recycled Vertical Art Wall

In this BLOG post I will teach you what vertical play is, the benefits of it and how to make your own vertical art wall.

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XO Gina

Not only is this SO MUCH FUN, but it give new life to items that you have at home. It allows children to explore different textures, shapes and materials. It provides them with a creative way to strengthen skills and express themselves. It teaches children that you can do SO MUCH with SO LITTLE!!!

Do you have more than one child painting at a time? GREAT! They're working on sharing materials and sharing space. They are working on taking turns, using their manners and observing each other at work.

Are they mixing colors? That's OK! It is all a part of the learning process. "I wonder what will happen when I dip the paintbrush in the blue and then the red?" SO much learning is happening!!!

The benefits are endless. The creating is endless. The learning opportunities are endless.


  • A cardboard box

  • Empty egg cartons

  • Bubble wrap

  • Paper towel rolls

  • ANYTHING from your recycling bin!

  • Hot glue gun

  • Washable paints

  • Muffin tin or paint cups

  • Paintbrush

How- to: 

  1. Cut open the cardboard box so that it is one big open canvas.

  2. Using a hot glue gun, adhere all of the recycled pieces across the board.

  3. Squirt washable paint into a muffin tin or paint cup.

  4. Lean the art wall against a table or outside against a tree.

  5. Put a tarp down to catch any spills if needed.

  6. PAINT!!!

Is this one-time use?

NO!!! Paint it, then paint it again, then paint it again! When it gets covered, use a lighter set of paints to go over it.

Are the kids over painting? Give them stickers and gems and have them decorate the art wall!

What is a vertical play?

Vertical play is moving an activity from the floor or table to a surface like the wall or an easel. Working on a vertical surface is helpful in supporting wrist stabilization, bilateral coordination, core strength, balance & coordination. It also allows for purposeful movement while children work.

What are the benefits? 

Working on a vertical surface helps to strengthen:

  • Fine & gross motor skills

  • Wrist stabilization

  • Balance

  • Coordination

  • Hand-eye-coordination

  • Focus

  • Attention

  • Spatial awareness


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