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Sparkly Potion Water Play

In this BLOG post I will explain the materials and process needed to create sparkly potion water play. I will also explain the benefits of water play and ways to extend your learning!

What is water play?

Water play is any activity where children can explore their senses through water. Warm water, cold water, ice cubes- each holds its own benefits and learning opportunities. Add in buckets, scoops & bowls & you have yourself a perfect set-up!

The 'potion' part comes from the magic ingredient...metalic paint! It makes it sparkle and glisten and swirl around. IT. IS. GORGEOUS.

Add in the shine of the sun and this will be your new favorite activity of all time!

You don't need to do all the colors. Pick one and use one bowl and it will be just as magical. Mix it and scoop it and dump it. Pour it into containers, transfer it to another bowl or just switch your hands around and watch it move.

The possibilities for learning and fun are ENDLESS.

What are the benefits of water play?

  1. Water play supports fine & gross motor development.  The more kids can squishy & squeeze & smush & pour, the stronger their fingers & hands get. The stronger those hands are, the easier it will be to zipper your coat, feed yourself & hold a pencil. They are also working on balance, coordination & core strength as they play!

  2. Water play supports language & vocabulary.  While kids play, they are exposed to a large variety of language & vocabulary opportunities. They then have frequent opportunities to use what they are learning, as well as communicate their needs, during play!

  3. Water play supports social & emotional skills.  If you are playing with your child or they are playing with a friend, there will be lots of time for them to practice sharing, using their manners, being patient & being a kind friend.

  4. Water play supports self-regulation.  For some kids (and adults) water play is soothing. As they scoop & pour & splash around, they are calming their bodies & working on important self-regulation techniques.

  5. Water play increases focus & time-on-task.  Kids can fall deep into play as they explore a water table. They may just be splashing around or they may be creating & using their imaginations.

  6. Water play teaches Math & Science concepts.  Through hands-on exploration, kids can learn about volume, weight, flow of water, temperature, more/less & weight.

  7. Water play is a fun & inexpensive way to participate in sensory play. During sensory play, children are able to connect to the world around them through their senses . They can scoop & squeeze & dump & pour. They can splash & push. They can smell & taste (sometimes). They can hear & feel & explore texture. So much good can come from one little sensory bin!

Ways to enhance your play:

  • Add in plastic letters or numbers and explore academic concepts such as letter names, letter sounds, beginning reading, number identification, counting, etc.

  • Add in measuring cups & spoons & incorporate math words such as volume & weight.

  • Add in plastic animals, gems, trucks or trinkets and incorporate them into your play.

What can you add into your water sensory bin?

  • Measuring cups & bowls

  • Pipette

  • Medicine dropper

  • Fruit juicer

  • Spray bottle

  • Squirt bottle

  • Strainer

  • Funnel

  • Sponge

  • Paint brushes

  • Gems, Pom Poms & other loose parts

  • Plastic animals

  • Cookie cutters

  • Plastic letters or numbers

  • Nature treasures (flowers, acorns, leaves, sticks, shells)

Does it stain skin?

NO! Once the paint is dissolved in the water there will not be any transfer to skin!

***You get to decide what is safe and manageable in your home. Always monitor your children in or around water.

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Disclaimer: A Play Filled Life is part of an affiliate program and earns a small commission on eligible items, at no extra cost to the purchaser.


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