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A Play Filled Life 'Build & Blend Cards' are meant to help you practice important early literacy skills at home!


How to Use:

The ‘Build & Blend’ cards are a fun & engaging way to work on identifying words, segmenting sounds & blending. These important early literacy skills are a pre-curser for reading & writing fluency.


Print the cards & cut out each square. Put one picture on the “I Can Build & Blend Words’ mat. Say the name of the picture on the card. Say each sound one at a time, placing a magnetic chip in each box as you do. Take your magnetic wand & sweep it over each chip as you blend the sounds together to read the word!


No magnets? No problem! Use small balls of play dough, cheerios, mini legos or erasers to practice the same way!


For more ways to practice phonics skills, visit @aplayfilledlife on Instagram or


Want to make them reusable? Laminate your sheets or put them in page protectors!


This is a downloadable product.  You will receive a pdf file after checkout, along with an emailed link that will last 30 days.  Due to the digital nature of this product, it is non-refundable.  The A Play Filled 'Build & Blend Packet' is protected under copyright:  A Play Filled Life, LLC. 


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This is a digital download.  

I Can Build & Blend Word Cards

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